Call it a Ghar ka Dabba,Tiffin Box or a Lunch Box,we all are excited about it,to see what to have in our lunch especially when you are working or packing it for your kids for school.

Lunch being one among the 3 major meals in our diet,which we have after our 1st major meal “Breakfast” needs to be interesting.6684


Especially when coming to kids with their fussy eating habits,food choices,fulfilling their hunger without any leftover and matching their daily needs from the Nutrition perspective,you got be really creative in making their lunch boxes.

We all know that kids,also don’t spend much time with their boxes,as most of the time their mind will be on games , playing in school with their friends.


So,what do we do Now? Is there any solution.


I say yes,you can make their Lunch boxes lovely by putting your hat of creativity.the food should be catchy,appealing….. so,that the kid enjoys the meal with the play.


Combo meals have become a boom this days in market,so why not utilise the idea…..

So,here are a few healthy recipes which i would love to share with all the mother’s to make the Lunch boxes interesting without a lot of stress….


Here are a few:550_102533858


1.Egg Burji wheat Roll with Raw veggies+fruit and Curd

Prepare one Wheat Roti,make the egg burji generally how you make at home.add the Egg burji in the wheat roti and make a roll of this. Now take 6-7 cucumber slices and 6-7 carrot slices cut it in different shapes using cutter for e.g use can use a cutter star shape and so on.While arranging in lunch box with 4 blocks keep the egg burgi wheat roll in one block,keep the cute star veggie salad in another,keep a fruit and curd in the remaining 2 blocks.


2.Chicken wheat Roll with Fruit +veg Bowl and spiced Buttermilk

Prepare one wheat roti and keep it aside,make ½ cup dry chicken with a flavour as per your choice say for can be dry palak chicken or tomato chicken or any dry chicken recipe.add this to the wheat roti and make a roll of make fruit+veg bowl take ½ cup of pomogranate seeds +1/4th cup cucumber (cut into cube size) +¼ cup carrot  (cut into cube size) mix this very make spiced buttermilk,take a glass of buttermilk,add little pepper powder,few chopped corriander leaves and salt to taste mix this well.Pack this in the lunch box.



  1. Paneer Paratha with Veggies,Fruit and yogurt

 First make a wheat dough as usual how you make it at home.make the  paneer stuffing take little oil in pan,saute some onions,add little garam  masala powder,bit chilli powder,¼ cup paneer cubes  few chopped  coriander leaves and salt to taste.mix this very well and add this stuffing in the one part of dough and form a dough ball generally how you make it for chapati and roll this dough into a paratha add some oil on pan and cook it till done. Now take the lunch box add paratha with little green chutney in one block,add sliced cucumber,carrot and few sprouts in one block,add 1 fruit and a yogurt in one block.


4.Roti with Stir fried mushroom+paneer,salad+fruit yogurt

Make 2-3 small rotis,Take a pan,heat it.add little oil add mushroom and paneer,add pepper powder,salt and saute it till cooked.once it is cooked add it in one block of lunch box,add veg salad in one block and fruit yogurt in another.


5.Mushroom paneer rice with salad,fruit+curdkidshealthy

Cook the rice separately. Take a vessel,heat it.add little oil,add chopped onion,add ginger garlic paste,bit garam masala,little pepper add mushroom,paneer and saute it nicely and add salt as per add the cooked rice in this.mix it well and cook for 5-10 it bit then add this mushroom paneer fried rice in one block of  lunch box,add salad in one block,add one fruit in one and curd in one.


The best part of all this lunch boxes is that the cereal,protein,vegetables and fruit requirements are met.